Monday, 6 June 2011

A wonderful couple of days / Lib Dem collapse predicted – the two issues are not linked!

I have just got back from 48 hours away from real life and Cornish politics. My wife, Ann, and I have been on Exmoor, doing a bit of walking and relaxing. Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary, while today marks the 20th anniversary of us being an “item.”

Today, sitting and enjoying a pot of tea in Lynmouth, I pulled out a copy of The Guardian to see the headline: “Lib Dems face crisis over new electoral map … Clegg projected to lose a quarter of his MPs in boundary changes.” What a shame!

It has been predicted that the Lib Dems who pushed through the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, which will lead to the creation of a Devonwall seat, could lose 25% of their seats as a consequence of the redrawing of the electoral map.

It seems the Liberal Democrats are now concerned about the impact of the review on their own chances of self-preservation. Former Lib Dem MP for North Cornwall, Lord Tyler was reported as saying that there could be moves to delay the reforms until 2020.

So they might be willing to oppose the boundary changes for their own self-interest. But they refused to oppose the Bill and fight for the territorial integrity of Cornwall when they had the chance.

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