Saturday, 30 June 2012

Old County Hall in Truro - double-standards

This week’s West Briton reports that Cornwall Council has agreed a deal to sell off Old County Hall to Nigel Carpenter, the owner of St Michael's Hotel and Spa in Falmouth. He has bought the site to create a 40-bedtroom hotel and spa.

The deal is subject to gaining planning permission, which it is reported would also include “20 long-stay suites designed for business people … and 13 homes for sale on the private market” on associated land.

For the record, I opposed the deal at the last Cabinet meeting.

Cornwall Council as the local planning authority expects new housing developments to include affordable housing, But this deal appears to specifically exclude such housing.

It is sending out the wrong message that everyone should deliver local needs housing, except where Cornwall Council wants a capital receipt for the land that is to be developed.

Watch this space, as I will be having a lot to say when the planning application is submitted.  

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