Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Defeat of the day: no 1

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet today voted to agree a Revised Project Plan, to amend the Integrated Waste Management Contract, and to push ahead with the construction at incinerator at St Dennis.

The local divisional member, my good friend Fred Greenslade, spoke with real heart against the imposition on his community and I supported him as best I could in the meeting.

I appealed to the Cabinet to think again and pointed out that the Cornwall Waste Forum has commissioned an independent report into their ‘high recycling’ alternative proposal, which is due to be published on 17th November.

Printed below is an extract from what I said:

“Over the last few years, campaigners have shown – time and time again – that there are better, greener and more sustainable ways to deal with our domestic waste.

“Their arguments – economic, environmental, financial and social – are comprehensive, compelling and should be listened to. You heard some of these arguments today in the public questions and I have to say that many of the official responses were poor – not least on those issues relating to the extent of ash, and the capacity of the plant.

“It remains a terrible travesty that this Council has refused to work up a ‘Plan B’ over the last three years. I would appeal to you to right that wrong today and I call on the Cabinet to not endorse the RPP.

“Spending a ridiculous nine-figure sum on the construction of an over-sized incinerator does not make financial sense – just compare this to the AD plant recently constructed upcountry for £3 million but which will deal with 20,000 tonnes of waste per annum.”

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